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Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure
(the name is bigger than she is!)

I had been wanting a Pyrrhura Conure for quite a while, but there are so many choices that it makes it difficult to decide on just one!  Being on several bird lists and reading about all the varieties of Pyrrhura Conures, I decided on a green cheek conure.  A friend of mine raises many types of birds with one of them being Pyrrhura Conures and I decided to get a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure (YSGC) and when she sent me some pictures of them.  They were so cute.  She had the cinnamon, normal and yellow sided green cheek conures. 

Over the next few weeks she would send more pictures of the babies until I could visit them in person.  I visited all the babies each week for about a month.  During each visit I would play with all of them.  One YSGC kept climbing up on me and seemed more cuddly and laid back during the visits but her sister was very sweet too so it was really hard to decide which one to bring home.  During one of the last visits I noticed that one of the baby YSGC had really big, expressive eyes and decided that this would be the one I would bring home.  Kriket came home on 4-21-05. 

She is such a sweet and cuddly girl and brings so much pleasure to my life.  She gets along with my other birds  and loves to take baths and play with toys.  She has such a outgoing personality, but also loves to sit quietly on me while I'm at the computer.  She has gotten quite good at flying too and encourages the other birds to fly around the bird room by playing chase.  They chase her and she chases them, but there is never any aggression.  It's very entertaining to watch them. She also enjoys laying on her back and getting her toes tickled. She loves to hang upside down with a toy in her mouth almost saying "take my picture."  She is quite a ham and loves attention from her humans and other birds.

I would recommend a green cheek conure to everyone as they are such a small bird with lots of character and personality.


(Editor's note:  to read about Vicki's Caiques, click here)

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