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Caique Fav Toy

Caiques Tales

I am owned by (left to right) Mohavi, Harley and Dakota, three caiques (aka clowns) who are the joys of my life.  They are comical, inquisitive, fearless, friendly, playful, intelligent and can be demanding.  There's no need for television when you have a caique, as they are all the entertainment you need.

Harley, a male white-bellied caique, was my first and is by far the most outgoing of the three.  He is always the first out of the cage and the last one in.  He loves to lay on his back and get his toes tickled, hang upside and wrestle on top of the cage with Dakota, taking showers (whistling the whole time) and eating.  He is a "little devil" in parrot's clothing.  He can be a little terror to Dakota and Mohavi when he wants to and lets them know who is the boss.  He can also be very sweet and give kisses when he wants to.  His favorite place to be is on my shoulder with Dakota by him.  He is the most well-rounded and will let anyone handle him.

Dakota is my sweet little black-headed caique girl.  I got her to keep Harley company while I was at work and because I wanted a little girl caique.  She is always sweet and loves to play with Harley and her toys.  The two of them love to wrestle, play fight, preen and feed each other.  She also likes to have her toes tickled, showers, hair surfing and whistling with Harley.  She really loves Harley and if he is not within her sight she screams for him.  They are really bonded to each other.  She is a little shier than Harley and doesn't really care for any humans, except me.  She loves to run across the floor, be picked up under her beak and hop on my shoulder and "help" me at the computer.  She is much more gentle and not as "rough and tumble" as Harley.

Mohavi is my sweet big black-headed caique female.  She came to me in April 2004 as a rescue.  She hadn't had a good life in the years prior to her rescue.  When I got her she was afraid of everything, didn't know what toys were and just seemed miserable.  She has come a long way in her short time here.  She prefers my boyfriend Doug to me.  She can't wait for him to get home at night.  Caique Fav ToyWhen she hears his vehicle, she comes out of the cage and leans forward as far as she can, so that when he comes in she can hop on his shoulder.  She would sit with him forever I think.  She loves to "towel surf", getting skritches, giving kisses, but only to Doug.  She likes to play with the other two caiques, but still likes to have her own space when they get too rough.  In time I'm hoping they can all three live together so Mohavi will have someone to play with during the day too.

If you're interested in getting a caique, be sure to do lots of research.  You'll need to make sure you have a large cage because you will need to fill it with toys as caiques are very active birds.  Also plan on feeding them a complete, well rounded diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, Beak Appetit (which is a personal favorite for my FIDs) and other pre-made birdie foods.

Caiques may be a pint sized parrot but they are HUGE in personality and are the perfect parrot ... at least for ME!


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