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Ohana's Story   

Ohana (pronounced Ohauna) ~ Is a Major Mitchell Cockatoo (MM2).   First I will tell you the story of how Ohana came to be with me, then a little about her personality.  Ohana was hatched in beautiful Kaneohe, Hawaii (on the island of Oahu).  This Hawaiian name (which means family – no one gets/got left behind) was chosen especially for her by my daughter because her name also carries the meaning of her unique story.  (My daughter knew this from the Lilo & Stitch cartoon movie.)

Two very special people were the lucky ones to first locate a reputable, small breeder, yes in Hawaii!  They contacted the breeder to find out she did have a baby MM2 for them!  But were there 2 babies as they had a friend also wanting a MM2 baby?  Yes, there were two available!  So plans were made and off to Hawaii to bring home two baby MM2'S!  When they arrived, what they saw, were not just two MM babies, but four!  Well they had gone for two babies but were faced with making a decision from four adorable young MM2s ... and they just couldn't do it so ... all the youngsters would stay together.  It took no time at all once reaching the mainland to find loving homes for these adorable youngsters and through mutual friends, fate stepped in and that is how my precious Ohana came into my life.  (Now you can understand why my daughter selected this very appropriate name for Ohana!)Beak Appetit

She is an angel, my little princess, a spoiled, a happy girl!  She loves toys, swings, chewing and food!  She can chew through wood like a buzz saw and the hardest of plastics is no match for her mighty beak!  She loves cotton rope and shreds her boings with regularity.  She likes bells, loves food (Beak Appetit is a fav) and eating is a great pastime with much flinging of the food to amuse her (and keep me busy cleaning up)!  She is a messy girl!  Some of her favorites are veggie spaghetti (as you can see on her beak in the photo to the right) and her favorite nut is pistachio.  She has a darling little munchkin voice and beautiful MM2 cockatoo call!

Ohana is more a timid, nervous cockatoo.  She does not like to step up then be carried/moved, the movement with her not being in control and just unsure makes her nervous I think.  She is not comfortable or adjusts quickly with change, exception being TOYS!  She loves to play and is not afraid of any new toy!  She can be spooked easily and I have to be careful not to carry something big (unfamiliar) past her too quickly without talking to her to minimize any stressful moments for her.  She loves kisses & skritches and acting silly!  I say, Ohana, are you a silly silly girl?  She shakes and swings her head around … she is very much a momma's girl!

I feel so very blessed to have Ohana in my life (as well as her sisters, since I am a very busy cockatoo mom).  My cockatoo flock consists of Shasta and Cali (Ducorps), Silky (Galah aka Rosebreasted) and Dusty (Eleanora).  I will share my story about them another time but Ohana means “family” so I wanted to start off with her!




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This page was last updated on 08/17/2012

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