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Birdie Bungee


We just can't keep these in stock, our parrots love them and our Eclectus, Eddie stands guard on his!  As a matter of fact, in our house, it's the Eclectus that are the most destructive with their bungees.  No matter what you want to call these spiral coils of rope, be it a twist, curl, bungee, or boing ... it's an absolutely MUST HAVE in their cage!  Every birdie's house should have a bungee!  Made of 100% colorful cotton with a quick link on top for easy hanging and a bell on the bottom, it can be twisted and turned to fit almost every cage!  Also available in sisal!

Rosebreasted Cockatoo, Silky, pictured above left, has a bell hanging in the center of her bungee, for more bounce to the ounce!    Great idea, Sheree!  Lisa has hung some plastic chain with Justy's (Timneh Grey) bungee, and Jackie had a good idea too ... she put a Shake It Baby at the top of Lydia's (Ducorps Cockatoo) bungee to give this toy a new look!

You can see that Chickie (Caique, center photo) is having a great time with her Dancing Balsa and Saroj is doing a great job of maximizing her play area by placing a cotton curl (birdie bungee) from the ceiling and using that as yet another play area ... well done, Saroj!

AND as you can see from the photo above right, this pair of birds (Blue Front Amazon and Hahn's Macaw, who live in Taiwan) have a very creative "parront" (that's a parrot's parent ... ) Dylan who uses the curl (you could use the bungee just as easily) on a tree to make a play stand (along with a ladder and some other goodies).  A little imagination sure goes a long way with helping to keep our FIDs (feathered kids) entertained!

Item #: 78638

Size: Small (1/2" x 52")

Price: $13.50


Item #: 78639

Size: Med (3/4" x 66")

Price: $23.50


Item #: 78640

Size: Large (9/10" x 96")

Price: $40.25


Item #: 78641

Size: XL (1.25" x 97")

Price: $57.75


As with all toys that have rope, sisal, fabric and curly laces,  PLEASE be sure to
check the toy daily for frayed edges and keep it (and your parrot's nails) well trimmed.
If your FID tends to be mechanical, please remove the clapper before giving to your avian family!

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