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Thor:  Black Palm Cockatoo 

Getting Thor was really matter of  being at the "right place, right time."   His owners were not actively looking for a new home but they told someone involved with palms they might be willing to sell him if the right person came along.  Well they happened to be at the same show as I was when they said that ... I took the "hint" and approached them.  I did quite a song and dance to convince them I was the right person for Thor.  They said they would let me know later that day.  I went back to my booth and waited.  A few hours later I got the news.  Come get Thor!

The next day I drove 6 hours to get him.  When I arrived I was shown the way to his stand ... my heart was racing I'd actually never seen a palm let alone held one.  So I bravely picked him up (after all my "convincing them to pick me" for Thor I couldn't act scared and have them change their minds).  But this is a 1000 gram bird and it seemed 500 grams was his beak!  He moved towards my arm and stepped right up and that was it ... I was his ... we truly belonged together!

Thor was no mistreated bird.  He had everything.  Yet he chewed his feathers.  His owners thought they just didn't have enough time for him and knew he'd be my constant companion, which he is.  But he still chews his feathers.  He has 5 hours a day in a massive flight with several other birds and myself.  I sit out there with them.  He goes to at least one event a week such as outreach programs, pet expo's, parties, I take him with me to any place I can ... and he LOVES it.  Thor especially loves children and will even do a few tricks.

I'm frequently asked "how is a palm as a pet?"  Well I find they are cuddly like the white 'toos but independent like a macaw.  Thor can play for hours by himself.  He especially loves foot toys and prefers very hard plastic toys.  He does talk but does not enunciate well and he's relatively quiet for a cockatoo.

Of all my birds Thor has the happiest personality he's the first thing I hear every morning at dawn.  A little "Hi Thor" comes from his cage and immediately puts a smile on my face!


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This page was last updated on 08/17/2012

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