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Our Lovebird Kimo 

Kimo is an extremely sweet and tame lovebird.  He loves all humans, big and small. He happily gives kisses, never rejects a head massage and will hide in the sleeve of my sweatshirt for as long as I will let him.  He will also lay on his back with his feet up on your hand, the couch and wherever you put him and tell him to "stay".

I got him from a pet store about 10 years ago, who told me that he is a peachface lovebird.  Later I found out that he was a hybrid - peachface & fisher mixed.  It makes no difference to us since we don't plan to breed him.  He will always be our pet. 

Kimo is not afraid of anything or anyone.  He is the bravest pet I have ever come across.  He is always ready to tell anyone off who has something he doesn't like.  He is also very verbal and will make different sounding chirp sounds (and gets in a pounce stance) when confronted by things he is ready to "fight with", like when my daughter shows him one of her soft toys.  Yet the minute she puts her toy down, he will chirp the sweetest sound and happily jump on her and hide in her clothes or hair.  He will hop from one human to another without hesitation but he does not care for dogs, other pets or soft toy animals.

Kimo lives with a DYH parrot, Zachary, a long-haired dachshund who is fearful of him, 2 adult humans and a 3 year old child.  We are fortunate to have the right combination of pets and personalities as everyone gets along really well each other.  Kimo has become our 3 year old's favorite mascot.  He rides on her shoulders and hides in her hair.  He perches on our food bowls to check out what's in there at mealtimes.  He loves to stick his head way down a bowl to grab a piece of whatever we are eating, with his tail feathers pointing straight up into the air. 

He sleeps in his birdie tent every night.  It's adorable to prep him for bed each night, turn down the lights, give him head massages and kisses and then lead him into his cage.  He will jump into his tent right away and whistles a distinctive "good night" sound that he has used to respond to my goodnight wishes for the last 8 years or so.  That's the only time he ever makes that particular whistle.  After knowing Kimo for so many years now, we can tell what his sounds mean - when he wants something we're eating, when he's mad about something in his room or around him, when he is ready for bed and when he is wants more attention.  That is the joy of having a bird for a long time as you do get to know them really well and vice versa.

I am sure that Kimo will continue to bring us joy for years to come. Although we know that the lifespan of lovebirds is about 15 years, we hope that with great care and love, he will continue to have a healthy and happy life for many years ahead.


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This page was last updated on 08/17/2012

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