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Birdzilla - the Mealie Amazon

Birdzilla (known as BZ) is a Mealy Amazon.  We got him after looking for another bird to add to our home.  We were looking at getting a young Eclectus, but BZ ended up being our choice (well, the reality is, HE picked US)!  Birdzilla got his name since he was HUGE when he hatched ... and has matured to be one of the largest Mealies his breeder has ever seen. We brought him home on his 1 year hatch day.

BZ is a gentle giant.  He plays the lover to our African gray and Nanday conure, loves being talked to and is friendly to all.  Probably one of the most socialized birds you'll ever meet!  He goes to school with me to pick up my son and is well known and loved by the all ... especially his family!

I helped at my son’s Halloween carnival the year we got him.  I dressed up as a computer pirate by fastening old CDs and floppy disks to sweat pants.  BZ was my (pirate) parrot.  He is very quiet in new situations.  I entered the school atrium, and he saw my son’s teacher.  He let out a very loud and clear "wolf" whistle to her.  The area went silent!  He was a hit that night although I don't think that helped my son's grades any much to his chagrin!

There was an older woman helping with the snacks.  She begged BZ to whistle like that for her.  "I would love someone to whistle like that to me again, even if it is a good looking bird."  In true fashion, BZ would not do it again.   He's a real flirt and a tease and found that if he growls at kids or adults they will scream, once they do, he starts laughing.  He knows how to train them!

He can be loud.  Our Nanday usually starts it and he joins in.  We will tell him to calm down or hush, and he says "Sunshine Shut up!" and keeps on the noise.  Anything he does he blames on Sunshine.  (Hmmm ... must have learned that from our boys ... it's always the other ones fault!)

BZ is a joy to have.  He climbs and goes everywhere.  He hangs from plastic chains and loves noisy toys.  Of course if the camera is out, he stops and will not show off!  The indestructibell is a real favorite of his ... and he's truly a favorite of mine!




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