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Yellow Crowned Amazon Baby

My name is Lisa and I am a parrot addict.  Not only do I have pets, but I breed them, also.  This year I raised three Yellow Crowned Amazon babies; one from the first clutch and two from the second clutch. The oldest one is getting so cute I’m beginning to think of names for him, which is a no-no.  You name them, they stay!  This little guy loves to play and growls just like a big Amazon.  But, I don’t pay any attention to him, so he snuggles into my chest to be loved instead.  Watching babies grow is so fun and educational.  To see their curiosity in their surroundings start to blossom is something to treasure.  As they begin to explore the world around them, pick up veggies and nuts with their feet to check them out and figure out it is something to eat!  Then there comes the time when they begin to test their wings.  Look at me, Ma, I can fly!!!  Whoops, where did that chair come from??  Well, I guess I better try that again!  I landed safely, I landed safely!!  Yippee!!  No, I don’t wanna eat, I wanna fly!!  What??  Trim my wings?  You can’t be serious?  Well, then, I’ll sit on my momma’s lap and eat and be loved – this is good, too!

Next comes vocalization skills.  This older baby, whom I have so far managed not to name, has decided to begin talking.  He started with, "Hi!"  Now he is working on an operatic, "Where??" from "Somewhere over the rainbow".  I hear him throughout the day practicing, "Where?" "Where?", "Where?"  When he begins to say, "I love you", I am afraid he will get named!


(Editor's note:  For information on these youngsters, please contact Lisa McManus)



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