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Huey, a BIG Hahn's Macaw

Huey started it all!  Or should I say my very good friend, Denis did it!  Coming back from a serious job-related injury as a computer analyst, he settled down to managing a parrot shop!  Having always been an admirer of all birds, and mostly parrots, and often watching his newly acquired flock of a CAG, a Greenwing, 2 Severes, a U2, and a pair of medium sized 'Toos intermingle and socialize with his family of twenty plus/minus Chihuahuas and five greyhounds, and about twenty or so cats and kittens (he is a breeder of specialty cats and little dogs); Denis decided it was time to "pay me back" for all the love and kindness he'd received from the rescued greyhounds he'd adopted in the past from my organization.  He decided I should have a parrot (something I knew I would always have anyway, someday!) 

He called me one day 6 ˝ years ago and told me "to come get my baby Hahn's macaw".  (I asked him what's that?)  Denis described him as a mini-macaw (the smallest) with all the personality Macaws are known for.  I didn't know much about macaws, except for those very large beaks, nor what I was about to get involved in, but this was just a little guy with little beak to start with, he said!

He was still being formula fed, and Denis knowing my lifelong love and experience  raising, rescuing and sometimes breeding horses and dogs, and often caring for injured wild creatures and babies,  trusted me with  6-week old Huey's final hand feeding days.  It was a wonderful time and experience and resulted in immediate two-way bonding.  Hahnsies are non-stop active and curious, (at least Huey was until about 2 years old, when he began to settle some).  He'll stay on my shoulder for long periods of time until he needs to poop (he's potty trained, which was very easy to accomplish).

About 2 months after Huey came home, Denis was at it again.  He had a baby CAG who was born a little deformed (scoliosis) and was not saleable, so Huey got a friend.  He was only about 4 weeks old and such a poor little thing.  He couldn't stand or perch for a long time and Huey seemed like he wanted to "mother" Beanie from his cage next door.  Small introductions led to sharing formula at feeding time a little bit, to becoming lifelong cage buddies. To this day, Huey "protects" Beanie from every other creature in this house, including, but not limited to 2 cockatiels, a Goffins and a LS Crested 'Too and the new baby BHCaique.  Yes ... if you'll recall at the start I mentioned Huey and Denis did it … they started the FLOCK!  (This could be another "Parront" tale).  And there's also my 2 greyhound girls Lady and Icy Blue and the current foster grey, Sailor to protect Beanie from (all the greys wouldn't hurt a flea, well, maybe a flea, but not other creatures).

It was very soon summertime and Huey began to "help" me feed the horses on the farm most every day.  Those poor horses! They're all still to this day quite unwilling to approach their feed buckets when Huey's along. They actually wait until we leave the area!  Huey should actually be named "Napoleon".  He has managed to lunge and attempt to bite several of our twelve hundred pound thoroughbreds on their nose while approaching their feed, actually causing them to run away from their feed until I take the little green 12 inch (mostly tail) monster away.  Sometimes on mild winter days he comes to feed with me snuggled inside by coat, crawling up to peek out to purposely scare the horses every so often.

I think he knows he's being written about. Right now he's across the room in his cage with lifelong CAG friend Beanie beating his cowbell senseless to get my attention!

Hahns' speak with little mickey-mouse voices, but say quite a bit and can be quite expressive at times. He seems to say his phrases to suit the situation often; and just loves to ask and receive kisses from me; and visa versa! He can be very affectionate at times and not so at others!  He's sometimes a little nippy, but has never bitten hard.  He is pretty much a one-human bird and doesn't take well to new people, because he's shy, and thank goodness, he doesn't attack people!  He has taken a dislike to all (except Beanie, of course) of the other birds in the house, and they all deeply respect him!  He attacks the greyhounds when they near the cage; they just give him just as wide a berth as possible in this small apartment.

Yes, Huey was the first and I guess would have to say still my very favorite in many ways. Life and home could never be the same without him.  (Guess I forgot to mention that I don't know Huey's gender ... but bet he's a girl!)


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