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Hints, Tips and Suggestions!

I like to make hanging kitchen towels for my African Gray. I buy inexpensive towels and crocheted a hanging top on it and hang in his cage. He loves these and it is one of his favorites next to popsicle stick toys. They last a long time and when he is down to the last little bit I just hang him another one. I find this last longer then anything else I buy for him.

(Submitted by: Teddi)

Editors note:  make sure that you keep your birds nails well-trimmed and be sure to trim any fabric that can fray and get wrapped around toes.

One of our favorite tricks for getting our parrots to eat powdered meds or vitamins is to lightly spray a favorite food (like almond slivers) with a non stick vegetable spray and then sprinkle the power on top.  The spray makes the nuts a little sticky and the powder adheres to the nuts!

Most everyone knows that non-stick cookware is toxic if over-heated but here are three non-stick items that could be easily over looked:  The burner on your coffee pot; Curling irons (look for those with a ceramic surface) and Silicon cookware.

(Submitted by:  Heather)

Sophie from Australia suggests hanging up native branches like Bottle Brush and Gravilia for parrot shredding fun!  (Editor's note:  please make sure any native items that you use are unsprayed and bird safe!  This suggestion comes from Australia ... so do your homework FIRST before giving to your parrot.  Pine cones are also great toys ... be sure they're clean before giving to your birds ... for a partial list of bird safe woods click here.)

(Submitted by:  Sophie)

Take a cotton glove and fill the fingers with nuts, wood and/or plastic pieces and then fill the rest with shredded paper.  Tie the "wrist area"  with jute rope and attach to cage.

(Submitted by:  Madelene)

I have a Hoover steam carpet cleaner, the clean water tank holds one gallon.  So for each gallon of hot tap water I used 1/2 cup of Simple Solution (Simple Solution instructions say you can put up to 1 cup/gallon but I found that 1/2 was more than plenty as it removed the stains very well and was pretty sudsy anyway) and 20 drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), since I just found out that hospitals clean their carpets using 20 drops/gallon in order to make it an efficient anti bacterial.  
(Submitted by:  Ingrid)

Keep a clean "empty" bowl in your bird's cage, then you will have a place to put those foot toys or "clean" toy parts that have been previously enjoyed but have some good chewing left!  (It's like having a toy box in their house, something to go and pick out of!)  The same concept can be applied to a wicker basket, use it on the outside of the cage for throwing parts into and let your FID choose their own toys from the "leftovers!"  If they chew up the basket, so what??  Get another, they're relatively inexpensive!

As with all toys that have rope, sisal, fabric and curly laces,  PLEASE be sure to check the toy daily for frayed edges and keep it (and your parrot's nails) well trimmed.

When you're trying to switch bird's to different foods, always put a bit of their favorite food on top!  Great incentive to get them to investigate what's in the bowl!

"ALL" birds should have a variety of destroyable toys at "ALL" times!

Take a lunch bag and fill it up with some unsalted, popped corn, twist the top of the bag and tie it to the cage bars with some natural cotton or sisal cord and viola ... an inexpensive, fun toy that is healthy too!

Our parrots adore cholla but some birds actually eat it!  Please make certain your bird does not consume wood, cholla or any non-edible substance!  If you suspect they're actually "ingesting" it, then take it away.  Pay attention, they are like children!  It's up to YOU to keep their environment safe!

NEVER use scented candles, oils or sprays around your parrots!

Rotate toys often, restring clean, pre-chewed pieces or combine new with old to make "different" toys!  Please "bagels" or "bites" over chains to give a new look!  Be creative, let your imagination go wild, your parrot will thank you for it!

Always make sure swing size is appropriate for your bird!  The opening should be large enough for your bird's entire body to fit through!

Check cotton and sisal toys (and perches) frequently, keep frayed edges trimmed.

All birds should have a variety of perches, different sizes and textures to maintain healthy feet!

Long lasting powder coated metal toys and acrylic toys are great additions to your FIDs toy box but are NOT meant to replace destroyable toys!  All birds should have wood, or shredable items, available on a daily basis to DESTROY!  That might even help keep your woodwork intact!

Remove clappers from any/all bells if your birds tends to be mechanical!

Regular showers are essential for healthy, happy parrots!

Foot toys are a great addition to your FIDs toy box!  They aid in teaching balance and coordination PLUS a bonus ... they test YOUR interactive ability (how many times will YOU pick up their toys?)

Use your imagination!  Keeping your FIDs amused does NOT have to be expensive!  Empty, wooden (thread) spools make great foot toys!


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