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Our birds depend on us for their safety and well being.  The following information will help us be prepared for an emergency.

If you need to evacuate – TAKE YOUR BIRD WITH YOU!  It is a good idea to have a pre-arranged safe place to bring your feathered friend.  Ask friends and relatives that live in different areas if they would be willing to help out in an emergency.  Also contact local hotels and motels and check on their pet policies.

Have a secure TRAVEL CAGE available at all times.  Have enough carriers for all birds (don’t forget your other pets).  Transport your bird in a safe CARRIER.

Have a towel or blanket to cover the bird if it is stressed or cold.

Store a BIRDIE DISASTER KIT next to the carrier.  It should contain the following:

·        Bottled Water

·        Bird First Aid Kit

·        Food – Seed or Pellets (don’t forget to rotate your supplies for freshness)

·        Trail Mix

·        Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

·        Spray Bottle

·        Canned Fruits and Veggies (no or low salt)



1.     Towel for wrapping and securing bird

2.     Hemostats and tweezers

3.     Scissors

4.     Needle nosed pliers (for pulling broken blood feathers)

5.     Nail clippers

6.     Disinfectant

7.     Tissues

8.     Q-Tips

9.     Styptic powder (Kwik-Stop)

10. Betadyne or Hydrogen Peroxide

11. Gauze pads

12. Tape and Vet Wrap

13. Flashlight

14. Sterile water or bottled water

15. Pedialyte (for rehydrating a dehydrated bird)

Wherever there are birds, there should be a “birdie” First Aid Kit.

When an accident happens it is too late to look for the necessary supplies.  


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This page was last updated on 04/24/2024

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