Bamboo Munch



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Bamboo Munch


You can actually make this toy yourself or refill the parts that go first!  To make yourself, take a 9" welded chain, and then string the chain through some coconut shell washers, cuttlebone, coconut fiber, bamboo slats, 4 cm munch balls, neon spaghetti ball and top with a quick link and add a few bits of texture (like sisal, cotton rope, paper rope, ParroStix, etc.) and viola, an easy toy for your mid-sized FIDs to enjoy (as shown by the young severe on the left, mealy Amazon, Sumo, in the middle and Hawaii, the Scarlett macaw, on the right, they all love to shred bamboo)!

    A special THANKS to Gerry Laga, photographer and breeder (... of a Feather aviary in Tucson, Arizona) of all the birds photographed here, as you can see, he uses the rope ring swing, removed the bell from the center and uses that to hang toys for his birds to enjoy!  A great idea of how to get more use and entertainment out of a "standard" in your parrot's house or on a play stand!

Item #: 11103

Size: One Size (14" L x 3" W x 3" Depth)

Price: $ 7.50


Item #: 11103K

Size: MYOT Kit

Price: $ 6.00




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